Vacation Rentals or Hotel Rooms?

Have you ever heard the term vacation rental before? Vacation rental, also known as the holiday rental or villa holiday, is the renting out of an apartment, house, cabin, flat, or villa, completed with all the furniture, on a short-term basis. This practice is originally a famous travel option in U.K. and Canada, before widely popular across the world these days.

The property rented for vacation rentals is similar to a regular house or apartment, with one or more bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and appliances, and all the common furniture. Besides that, the property is commonly equipped with other stuff, such as DVD player, board games, books, BBQ, wireless Internet, etc. The main purpose of this is to give travelers a feeling that they’re at home, besides also giving a cheaper staying price compared to the hotel’s room, which especially effective for the family with many members.

Now, what else is the benefits of vacation rentals, especially compared to the hotel’s room?

  • More spaces. Instead of staying in a single room at the hotel during the whole vacation, someone can rent a house with multiple bedrooms and other rooms. This also grants more privacy for the renter.
  • Cost Effective, especially for travelers with the big group or with many kids. For a party of one to two adults staying several nights, the hotel room was slightly less expensive than vacation rentals. But for the larger party, if they usually have to stay in several hotel rooms, now the budget can be saved by just renting a single house with few rooms.
  • Cook! Still related to budget savings, now you can cook your own meals, as vacation rental property usually equipped with a full kitchen and all the cooking appliances. Now you don’t need to buy the expensive hotel’s food or go to restaurants for every meal. You can also do your own laundry for more cost efficiency.
  • No tips or service charge that is associated with hotel rooms.
  • Pet is allowed in some rentals. Many people considered their four-legged animals as family members too and always hesitated to leave them at home during vacation. Many vacation rentals, not all of them though, allow a visitor to bring their pets too.
  • Scenery. Much vacation rentals are built on the tourist attraction itself, such as near the beach, on a mountain slope, on the edge of national parks, etc. Tourists can see amazing views just right outside their windows.
  • Unforgettable moments. Spending time in a hotel’s room is pretty much the same, and won’t get you new experiences, no matter in what hotel are you staying. If all hotel’s rooms are looking alike, it’s the contrary for vacation rentals, as each one of them is designed and arranged by the owner personal tastes.
  • Some people hate big and powerful corporates that seem to monopoly everything, including a large hotel chain. By staying at the vacation rental, you could be showing your support to the local businessman.

Those are some example of the benefits of renting a villa holiday. However, I’m not saying that vacation rentals are the best and that you should forget hotel rooms. Few drawbacks of vacation rentals are including the lack of on-site staff and the actual condition that can be very different from the photos on brochure and website. Besides, there are also many situations that require you to choose hotel instead, such as traveling alone, or traveling in short notice, when you haven’t got the time to book vacation rentals before.

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