Smoke Free Travel Zones

It looks like society is finally catching up with how evil and dangerous smoking is. We are now seeing real laws and effects that should help reduce some of the first hand and second-hand smoke. More and more places have become totally non-smoking and it is easier to breathe for all of us. From airports to restaurants, office buildings to buses, change is all around us and for the good. site offers free to use information on traveling without having to encounter the chemicals of smoke. Smoke-free travel covers topics such as smoke-free accommodations, smoke-free airports, smoke-free homes, smoke-free rental cars, and smoke-free restaurants.

Smoke-free hotels are available nearly everywhere and are becoming the choice for many travelers. If you cannot find a hotel that is completely smoke free, you can request to stay in a smoke-free room.

Approximately 99 percent of airports are smoke free. All domestic flights are smoke free. If an airport is not smoke free it will typically offer a ventilated room or smoking area for smokers. Most overseas airline flights are now smoke free and you really have to search hard to find any flights, anywhere that offer smoking. Smoking is not as popular as it used to be and we are really happy to hear this. More and more people are giving up smoking but, unfortunately the numbers show that the younger kids and teenagers are smoking more and more. Bad news.

There are several websites devoted to giving information on smoke free airports. I have only found two airport that have smoking lounges and they were the LAS & OKC airports. There may be more, but, I have not seen them. I remember several overseas lounges that allow smoking, but, all in all, smoking has been eliminated in the airline and airport sectors.

The chemicals in second hand smoke are dangerous to individuals who spend their time indoors. Smoke free homes can reduce the risk of cancer as well as other conditions. Test and studies have proven that people have died or became very ill from second hand smoke and the smoking in confined spaces was some of the worst culprits. Smoking in cars is one of the deadliest. If people were educated about the dangers and real medical problems that smoking causes, they would make every effort to quit.

Children exposed to second hand smoke often develop respiratory problems as well as asthma. I hope most parents are not smoking in vehicles when they drive their children around town. This is a very bad condition for the kids since the second hand smoke will affect their health. If you can quit smoking you will find that Life Insurance quotes should be a lot less money and affordable. Smoking is not healthy for you and only makes your heath worse.

It is important when renting a car to request a 100 percent smoke free car to ensure that there is no exposure to second hand smoke. There are a few rental car companies that advertise smoke free car rentals.

Providing a smoke free environment in restaurants, bars, and lounges give non-smokers the ability to frequent many places that they were unable to. Most states now have smoke free bars, lounges, restaurant laws and these seem to be helping quite a bit with the reduction of second-hand smoke and illness. In fact several major smoking countries overseas have also instigated these types of laws, including Ireland and France. These countries were heavy smokers in pubs, restaurants and any other bar or lounge atmosphere. Today, the air is clean and you can find a smoke free table everywhere you go in Ireland and France.

Individuals can locate smoke-free restaurants on the internet as well as by identifying the smoke-free stickers used on the entrance of most establishments. Every day we get more and more smoke-free in the way we think and act. This is good for us all. With being healthy so important to most of us, why even think about taking a chance and smoking when you know that it kills not only you but the people around you also. If you want to find some fun things to do, take a look at Alaskan Cruises 2015 for their latest Alaska sailings and tours, which are all non-smoking and create family memories to last your lifetime.

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