Do you know that one of the most searched travel tips is “how to get a free hotel upgrade?” Apparently, a lot of people are wondering, why they never offered room upgrade when they stayed in a hotel, while other that seems like a less important person can easily get better suite just by paying the standard rate.

Seasoned travelers usually say that hotel upgrades are just a combination of luck and overbooking, which is probably true for 10-15 years ago. However, since there are so many new hotels are built, even the best hotel in town rarely gets their room overbooked, except on special occasions. That’s why to get a room upgrade nowadays, someone needs to increase their effort, and most importantly, let the hotel knows that you need an upgrade.

Sounds cheap? Not really, as this is the fact. Many people are too shy to ask for a hotel room upgrade, as they afraid the hotel’s staffs and other visitors will look down on them. This is wrong, as hotel’s staffs mostly trained to give you what you’ve asked. So, if you’ve asked none, then you’ll receive none. This is just one common guide on getting an upgrade, now let’s see what other tips that might be useful to increase your chance.

Tips on Getting Free Hotel Upgrade:

  • Contact the Right Person before you arrive. Polite and friendly email or message that you’re looking forward to your stay, which directed to manager-class staff will be greatly appreciated. Don’t rely to much on receptionists for an upgrade, as they rarely have the authority.
  • The above method will be especially effective if you a loyal customer of the hotel. So, always stay at the same hotel when you visit the town and be as friendly as possible with front-desk staffs and their manager. Use your charm and make sure that they won’t forget you.
  • Special Occasion. If you’re having a special moment like birthday, honeymoon, anniversary, proposal, or first time abroad, just make sure you mention it in your email or during your check-in. Hotel employees are generally nice, and if they can do something for you, they will.
  • Book a Mid-Rate Room. Your chance to be upgraded from a mid-rate room are slightly better than if you’ve booked the cheapest room in the hotel.
  • Ask. Once again I said it, as this is probably the most important trick. You should mention if you want a hotel upgrade, but don’t ask a straightforward question such as “Can I have a room upgrade?”. Instead, use some jokingly statement such as “What would I need to do to get into one of those suite?”. Whether you receive it or not, remember to always be polite and nice.
  • Appearance. Besides being kind and polite, look also sometimes help. Dress nicely. You don’t have to look rich, just make sure that you’re looked respectable and nice enough. Bring your children too when you’re checking-in, instead of letting them waiting at the lobby.
  • Honest Complain, if the room you were assigned isn’t satisfactory, unclean, noisy or lacking the view you were promised, then you should politely complain to the hotel. Usually, they will move you to other room, and better room if possible. Remember, be honest and don’t exaggerate the situation.
  • Late Check-In, and Staying One Night Only. The best time for arrival is at later evening. The hotel won’t release their best suite at the standard check-in time at noon, in case that there are any guest arrived. But at the night, your chance of getting an upgrade is slightly increased.
  • High Season. This trick depends much on your luck, it will either grant you an upgrade or don’t grant you any room at all. If you come during a conference, festival, or sports event in town, there’s a chance that the “cheap” rooms are all booked. The hotel may offer you the better suite for the lower rate, instead of seeing you move-in to another hotel. However, chances are all the hotel’s rooms and suites (including the bigger ones) are all booked at peak season, which will give you a problem of finding the decent place to stay.
  • Choose a New-Opened Hotel. New hotels tend to give freebies to promote themselves to new visitors. They hope that guests will tell their friends and relations that this hotel is having a good service.
  • Discount and Freebies. Room upgrade is not the only free facility that you can expect from a hotel. There are also freebies and cheaper room rate. Before checking-in, always ask if there is a lower rate for your class of room. Also, some hotels will give the discounted rate to specific credit cards that have an agreement with them.

That’s all about guides on getting a free hotel upgrade. Try it for your next trip, and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any other tips for the room upgrade!


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