Most Recent Warnings and Dangers in Dubai

There’s almost no crime in Dubai, violent and typically happens away from the tourist areas. Nobody harasses you the souk), there are no drunks, no serious anti-social behavior, and no riots or demonstrations. and what little exists is mostly non- Despite being in the middle of a geopolitical hotspot, has ever been carried out here. It’s probably on the same level of safety as Iceland, and volcanoes here either.(except that one annoying guy in no significant terrorist attack except there’s little chance of earthquakes

Because leaving for Dubai, we both took conservative clothes with us we arrived we found women walking about in miniskirts and low cut tops and guys in t-shirts and shorts. I think a lot depends on what part of Dubai you are in. then others, but the on the beaches where people are lying all around in swimsuits. I think it’s important to show respect, but you can probably feel comfortable exposing an arm, Give yourself some flexibility in your dress so that you can cope depending on where you are and where you go. If you day-trip out of Dubai the situation might change a lot. of all the warnings we read before that covered our arms and feet, but when main tourist areas are very relaxed, especially or maybe even a bit of leg, if it gets too hot

It’s hard to know the truth. There are many stories of people getting caught out by some harsh law about Dubai when it comes to law, and yet, on the other hand, the city appears on the surface to be almost coupled to share a hotel room, and my hotel warned me that I’d need to show our marriage certificates, and yet when we arrived nobody asked to see it. The hotel served no alcohol, and I was so paranoid I didn’t ask for in the airport because technically it was illegal and I didn’t have an alcohol license. But when I did ask, they were only too happy to supply me with one. , because they had no wine to serve themselves. as relaxed as any in Europe. It’s i the first night for the wine I’d bought It must be normal for their guests to ask illegal for unmarried a corkscrew

I think in truth it’s actually quite simple. If an action would cause people to stop and the only tut, here it might get you a fine. Actions like staggering around drunk, using foul and abusive language, making out in public, and urinating in the street. Nobody is going to of wine in a restaurant, but if you refuse to pay the bill and curse out the arrest you for drinking a glass owner in several languages, then the police might and stare at you in Europe or America decide to also find you for the drink when they come to deal with the owner’s complaint.

What a waste of time, the red flag quite simple to stay the right side of the law in Dubai in the private beach of Dubai Marine until 7 AM! At 6 AM, both the air and water were under 40º C, the water absolutely quiet, the beach empty, no jellyfish, good visibility, and… no swim?
Be sure to check if you require a visa to enter the UAE. If you don’t get a visa in advance, you could be spending a few nights in the airport, as this happened to a colleague of mine. Luckily, there is a hotel in the airport!

You feel good in the air-conditioned. But you need to exit and… there’s your photo!

Take it easy. The warmth and any quick photo, so, each time you face the strong chock of temperature and humidity, you’d better give your camera a time to adapt or clean the lens. Otherwise, you will end, like me, ashamed of your pictures, humidity instantly dims the lenses and disgraces and the computer will make only half miracle.

Remember – that may happen each time you leave the air-conditioned!
Take seriously, very seriously, all the warnings about dehydration.

I only exposed myself to, but Fernanda likes to stay under the sun, and even bypassing the “killing hours” of the day, she had problems twice.

Even before 10 AM, twice she felt… something she was not able to explain, but that I fought immediately with a big bottle of water, with immediate success.
At the second time she listened to me: since then the sun for the needed seconds to enter the water, and had no problems she followed my precautions and everything ended happily.

The secret for a good vacation is… , short or large must be controlled, and the location and quality of hotel may make the difference.
I booked my stay in Dubai with the objective to stay first in Deira to visit the city, and afterwards afterward beach. I booked the Sheraton hotel that, in the net, seemed very good and well priced.
In VT forum I was alerted for Sheraton’s location, almost 30 km from town, and that made me change to Dubai Marine, at the other end of Jumeirah beach and close to town
I visited the Sheraton and confirmed the wisdom of my decision: preparation. Time is always short, the budget It is a good hotel (I think) in the middle of a building quarter. With the impossibility to stay long in the beach (the heat…) and with anything else than cranes in its surroundings, I would have spent a lot of time and money in long distanlong-distance

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