March Festival Mania: This Time Travel for a Cultural Experience

The winter chills of the nation start retreating by the end of February and the spring advances in full bloom in March. Some of the most colourful and joyous festivals of Hindu calendar falls in the month of March. So take a break and soak into the true colours of Indian culture.

Holi in Mathura

The festival of colours, Holi is celebrated with full fervour in many different parts of the country. It is a two day festival where Day 1 is observed with a huge bonfire at night and Day 2 when everyone plays with colours. Head to Mathura and Vrindavan for a celebration of its kind. Here the festivity last for 40 days in the form of classical dances. A few days before the actual festival is the Lath-Maar Holi, where women get a chance to playfully hit their men with lathis. If you want to go this place by train. You can book in advance train ticket booking avoid hassle free journey. When your journey start then you can check NTES live status online.

International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh

Drawing participants from more than 30 countries of the world, International Yoga Festival is a kind that promotes healthy life along with the joyous celebration. Special discussions by spiritual leaders, and yoga sessions by some of the great yoga practitioners are the major attractions of the festival. Even if you are a rookie to yoga business, it should be a must have experience on your plate.


Come and be a part of the 7 day extravaganza of the annual festival of Arattupuzha Temple in Thrissur. The festival falls in the end of March and continues till April. Beautifully adorned elephants carries idols of 23 deities and follow a procession. Visitors from all around the country come to witness and be a part of this week long festivity. The atmosphere is frenzied and charged with excitement, with traditional music accompanying the action in the arena.

Jaipur Elephant Festival

The Jaipur Elephant Festival falls on the same day as Holi and is celebrated with great zeal in the Pink City, Jaipur. On this day, elephants adorned with jewelry, robes and jhools, take part in a procession. Games such as Elephant polo, Elephant race, and the tug-of-war between elephant and 19 men and women are the main highlights of this festival. In the end the most beautifully decorated elephant is rewarded. And in case you are planning to travel to the Pink City at such a short notice, you can book the cheapest flight tickets to Jaipur and save some cash for shopping and sightseeing!

GudiPadwa, Maharashtra

GudiPadwa is the festival of Maharashtra, which marks the beginning of new year. To get drenched in the true flavours of the festival, head to Mumbai. Special delicacies like Shrikhand and Poori are made in every house, and prayers are offered to a bamboo pole(gudi) which is tied with a bright green or yellow piece of silk cloth and a metal pot balanced on its top. Mumbai is well connected to other cities of the country via a network of rail, road and air. The most convenient and affordable options is Indian Railway, which connects all the major towns of the country.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to soak into the blissful journey to India’s rich culture and traditions this March.

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