Choosing a Kid-Friendly Hotel for Stay on a Family Vacation

Just a child-friendly tag is not enough when you are looking for the right hotel for a stay on your family vacation. It is necessary to ask the right questions before you book any hotel. Here are five important questions whose answers would help you make an informed decision in this regard.

What are the sleeping arrangements? If you have an infant or toddler with you, you would need a crib or cot in the room. On the other hand, if you have tweens or teens, it is better if the Townsville hotels have attached rooms or junior suites. You would get the necessary privacy, and stay close to your kids too.

What are the bathroom facilities? If you have a baby along with you, you need to ensure that the hotel has a bath. A shower may suffice for older children, but you need a bath for the baby.

What are the food choices? If you are planning to have your meals in the in-house restaurant, make sure they offer a kid-friendly menu. Also, inquire whether the hotel offers to serve the meals in the room. If your child has any allergies, ask whether they could accommodate that too.

What room features make it good for kids? Two essentials for today’s kids are – television and refrigerator. If the hotel does not have these two in the room, and a sudden spell of rains prevents you from going out, it may be a difficult thing.

What services for kids does the hotel offer? If you want to explore Townsville on your own, you need to get a babysitter for the kid. Ask if the hotel provides such services. It is even better if they have a library, play area or games room for kids to ensure that they are kept busy if there is nothing else to do.

After you select a few hotels from online resources, it is better to check out the features before you decide to book. If you are satisfied with the facilities and services on offer, you may go ahead and book the rooms without any delay.

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