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Stories of Dojran began from the 4th century before Christ. During the rule of the Macedonian kings, when the valley Prazijas (current Lake Dojran) were settled with Paionians. They lived in the wooden huts enclosed with reeds and placed of scaffolding that relied on long wooden poles. Boats were the only thing that connected them with the land. They were very skilled with them, and that’s why the attempts of the invaders (Persians) were often unsuccessful.

There are many traces of the past in Dojran. It was constantly destroyed, built over, burned and again renewed. Because of all the invaders, there were many churches, faucets, baths, watchtowers, schools build in Dorjan from different cultures and nations. There are many historical monuments and remainings in Dojran that speak for such a rich history of the town.

The Dojran Lake is known by the love story. Legend says that there was closed well with nine padlocks. Everything began with the most beautiful girl of the region Dojrana when she went to refill water from the well. But besides the well, a boy waits for her and carried away of love she forgot to close the ninth padlock and the water thronged the valley, that’s how the Dojran Lake was created according to this legend.

People of Dojran claim that the combination of lake algae, mud, and Mediterranean climate healed a paralyzed man that was in a wheelchair, children were cured of asthma attacks, all kinds of open wounds are recovered. According to the legend, the wounds and injuries from the army of Alexander the Great were healed here.

Many medics for postoperative rehabilitation recommend Dojran for summer vacation. Samples of mud were sent to Sofia, Belgrade, and Ljubljana to determine which substances possess healing mud and they made Dojran a bath.

Dojran mud has better quality than the mud in the Black Sea, which is used for therapeutic treatments. The mud is rich with minerals which are good for the skin and the rheumatic pains.

Although the smell is awkward and strange, it is unique. The mixture of smells cannot be felt anywhere in the world. This smell makes Dojran special.

The water is hot, green and gray. When you enter it you will feel the ooze under your feet. While looking at the lake you will constantly see foam. This foam is made from the algae that are blooming in the lake. This happens only fifteen days of the year. During that period the water heals most.

August is the perfect time vacation in Dojran, the water is warmest and algae start to bloom.

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